Our Services

Netrex is an independent, debt advisory firm focused on arranging debt capital for our clients in a more effective and efficient manner. As the private credit market has grown substantially over the last decade, the lending universe has become a highly fragmented mixture of banks, private credit funds, BDC’s, mezzanine funds, etc., which makes the process of borrowing capital arduous, inefficient, and time-consuming. As Netrex’s entire business is focused on debt advisory and capital arranging, we spend 100% of our time following the latest debt market trends, pricing, and terms, and interacting daily with our extensive network of 350+ lenders to identify those lenders who are the most aggressive, competitive and creative.

Our focus as an independent, conflict-free debt advisor allows us to run a highly competitive and comprehensive financing process, which ultimately saves our clients a significant amount of time and money and results in them achieving the most optimal pricing, terms, and structures available in the market. Whether our client is family/founder-owned, private equity-owned, or publicly traded, we allow them to spend significantly more time focusing on the critical operational and strategic aspects of managing and growing their business.